Return Policy

Changes and returns in case of defects

The Customer should contact CSA as soon as it is aware of a defect in the products purchased at the Thebeautybunny.comvirtual store. The virtual store is exempt from the obligation to respond to requests for exchange or return of any returned product:

  • Without the CSA having been previously communicated.
  • If it is verified the absence of accompanying items/accessories;
  • If the defect occurred due to improper use of the Customer; and/or.
  • In cases of claims made outside the terms set forth in these Terms.

In the event of any of the above, the Customer receiving a defective product shall have a period of up to 30 (thirty) calendar days to initiate the procedure described in the Consumer Defense Code.

The defective product must be sent, with prior authorization, to the address indicated by the virtual store.

Thebeautybunny.comin its original packaging, accompanied by the manuals, accessories and, fundamentally, through standard procedures. If the Customer does not have this document, the exchange request will not be accepted.

The defective product can also be collected from the delivery address through logistics partners of the Thebeautybunny.comvirtual store.

After the product arrives at the Distribution Center, the virtual store will check if the above conditions have been met. If so, it will arrange for the return or exchange of the product in accordance with the request made by the Customer.

The period for carrying out the exchange of imported products will be approximately the same period as the first delivery, starting the counting of the term after the receipt of the defective product at the Merchant’s Distribution Center. The new delivery will be subject to the same causes as the previous delivery delay.

The return of the products within the stipulated period and conditions guarantee the Customer the right to reimbursement of the value of the parts and the corresponding freight.

After receiving and correctly checking the merchandise in the Distribution Centers, the virtual store will make the refund directly on the credit card used in the purchase, in the current account indicated by the Client or order of payment, in the case of payment with bank invoice.

If the exchange/delivery deadline is exhausted, it is recommended that the Customer send the product to the Authorized Technical Assistance, where he can receive the necessary support to resolve the case.

The Service contact is located on the product page that you purchased in the item description. The virtual store Thebeautybunny.comis not responsible for sending the product to the Authorized Technical Assistance nor for the services provided by it.

Return of securities paid

In the applicable situations, the value of the order will be returned to the Client, according to the form of payment used, observing all the applicable conditions of this Term.

On credit card purchases, the card administrator will be notified and the chargeback may occur on up to two (2) subsequent invoices.

The deadline for reimbursement, and also the collection of the remaining installments, after the full reversal of the value of the Product on the Customer’s credit card made by the virtual store, is the responsibility of the card administrator.

In purchases paid with a bank or debit card account, the refund will be made to the checking account, within 10 (ten) business days after receipt of the product in the Distribution Center of the Thebeautybunny.comvirtual store. It will not be granted credit to third parties.

In purchases made with vouchers (Gift Voucher, Gift Voucher, and Coupon), the refund will be made to the Customer in the same form of payment chosen in the purchase process that originated the same.

In no case shall the amounts referring to taxes or levies incident on the purchase and sale, delivery or return of imported products be subject to reimbursement to the customer. Any such claims should be directed to government collecting agencies.