Disclaimer Of Liability

The offers of the products and services can be found on the main page of the virtual shop Thebeautybunny.com.

However, an offer may be excluded from the online store when the products in stock are exhausted and replenishment with suppliers is not possible.

The descriptions of products displayed on the Thebeautybunny.comvirtual shop are provided by the suppliers and/or manufacturers of the products advertised.

As a result, you should be aware that the information is given about each product, as well as photographs or related videos, including trade names, trademarks, distinctive symbols of any kind contained in the virtual store, are displayed for guidance and illustration.

The content of any texts, messages, photographs, videos, and files in general published by the Customer in the Thebeautybunny.comvirtual store is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Client-author of said post, without any responsibility, jointly or severally, any title, of the virtual store, by reason of its nature.

The virtual store is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the irregular use of the services rendered by it, excluding from its responsibility, also the occurrence of effects of unforeseeable circumstances and force majeure.

The virtual store Thebeautybunny.comis also not responsible for any damages, in any way, that may come from decisions of the Client based on the opinions and recommendations contained in the contents displayed by the Online Store.

The Client declares to be aware that access to a virtual store depends on the simultaneous functionality of several factors, some outside the control of the Thebeautybunny.comvirtual store, such as the interaction of third party telecommunications servers and services, the suitability of the equipment Customer, and others, to these not limiting.

Thus, Thebeautybunny.comvirtual store is exempt from any responsibility for failures due to any impossibility of accessing the virtual store due to reasons beyond its control and diligence.

The Thebeautybunny.comvirtual shop does not guarantee, under any circumstances, that it is free from possible failures, interruptions, viruses, problems, and other factors, and is not responsible for the quality and safety of the network used by the Client for access to Thebeautybunny.comvirtual store, since this is maintained by third parties, and, therefore, it escapes from its control, diligence and responsibility.

The virtual store Thebeautybunny.comshall not be liable for any damages arising from the interruption of access to the virtual store whenever such unavailability occurs because of third parties, which is beyond its control and diligence.

Even if you use your best efforts, considering the characteristics of the computer systems, The virtual store Thebeautybunny.comis not responsible for acts of third parties that are successful in collecting or using, by any means, data and information made available by the Customer through the Virtual Store.

The suitability verification of the product dimensions is the responsibility of the Customer, who must make sure that the products comply with the space limits of the place of delivery. The virtual shop Thebeautybunny.comis not responsible for the assembly or disassembly of the product.